Appreciating others

Once i was playing in ground, and one of my junior was also playing beside me from other team. His team captain gave him ball to delivered the over. He started to delivering the ball and in the result the batsman hit him five sixes in an over. I was watching all of this because i was in the ground and i was playing. When the batsman hit him five sixes in an over, the bowler was very nervous and his teammates were teasing him. At that time, i realized that i have to go toward him and give him some confidence as much as i can. As usually i went and told him that when i started my cricket, i conceded 31 runs just in 5 balls😂 and we also lost the match after this my teammates and also captain teased me a lot😒 but i focused to give my best for next time.✌


I am cricket player. I love to play cricket because cricket is my passion.I am a fast bowler. In cricket the batsman hits the ball and get boundries. As i am a bowler, batsman also hits me boundries and my seniors say me ‘to ball good as well as you can’. But sometime it is not possible and when this situation build then there is a lot of pressure on me from my seniors but here is an interesting thing that i am gonna to tell that how i handle this pressure:

I just smile😊

but not in front of my seniors😂. And again try to ball well as well as i can.

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